It’s that red, white & blue! Get into the holiday spirit with our July 4th celebrations. Missing those backyard grill-outs? We’ve got you covered, from 5:30 PM with a party worthy of fireworks, all set to the tune of American classics and a few Hip Hop anthems.

Dig into our ALL AMERICAN PLATTER which will get your hands deliciously dirty with BBQ Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork Shoulders and Buffalo Wings. Or chow down on Hot Dogs, Cheeseburgers, Corndogs or for our meatless friend’s Veggies Skewers. And no, we didn’t forget the best part- the pies. You’ve got your choice of blueberry, pecan or apple.

Get yourself a beer bucket filled with 6 peronis for only $100 + 10-% or sip on our cocktail specials, a refreshing Mint Julep or Sazerac. Let the freedom ring!

Reservations: https://www.commissary.hk/book-a-table/



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