What is ‘Book Club’?


Put simply, ‘Book Club’ can best be described as a code word women use to get together, have a drink (possibly drinks), share a story or two and generally unwind from the week that was.

Think of it as an event eagerly anticipated by women the world over, and for the unrequited, the discussion goes something like this…

Woman 1: I’m so glad we have book club tonight. I’ve had a bad day and a long week.

Woman 2: Yep, me too. I’ll see you at the bar at 6.

Our take on ‘Book Club’ references this ingrained practice, and throws into the mix fantastic drinks, live acoustic music and a side order of dim sum if you’re so inclined.

Not just for the women, Old Bailey’s ‘Book Club’ is open to all and features a line of well priced drinks for those seeking a Happy Hour in Tai Kwun, and Hong Kong’s central.

With 2-4-1 offers on the below drinks list, Friday never looked so good.

Negroni $110
Aperol Spritz $100
Frozen Lychee Spritz $90

Gweilo x JIA Champagne Pilsner $70
Gweilo Pale Ale Draft 85 Tsingtao $40

White Verdicchio,Villa Bianchi,Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico, Marche, Italy, 2016 $85
Red Monastrell, Bodegas Volver,Tarima, Jumilla, Spain, 2016 $85

‘Artiste’ feat. Lillet Blanc, blackcurrant liqueur, lime, ginger ale, mint $80
‘Herbs’ feat. Lillet Blanc, Beefeater London Dry Gin, lemon, pear, rosemary $80

Kombucha $48
Soft drinks $48

House spirits & mixers $70

‘Book Club’ was launched on Friday March 8th at Old Bailey for International Women’s Day. You can read about this event here.  


Every Friday
6pm -9pm


Old Bailey,
2F JC Contemporary, Tai Kwun,
Old Bailey Street, Central
Open in maps

Booking Enquiries

T:    + 852 2877 8711
E:   reservations@oldbailey.hk



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