White Alba Truffle Season with JIA!


White Alba Truffle season is upon us. Unlike the beloved black truffle, which can be farmed, the white truffle only exists in the wild. Highly prized for their unique flavour, the White Alba Truffle will become to star ingredient across three JIA outlets: MONO, Louise and 208. Available for a limited time only, visit any three venues to indulge in an array of stunning dishes that celebrate the White Alba Truffle’s musky, garlicky aroma. A rare treat for the discerning.


For a limited time only, Mono will be featuring a White Alba Truffle special during lunch and dinner service. Foraged in the wild during their brief season from September to December, we are proud to bring this rare delight to the plates of Mono. As our journey of inspirational foods continues, we are excited to present our latest offerings.

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Join us at Louise for a rare delicacy that can only be found in the wilds of Italy; The White Alba Truffle. A highly desired ingredient for its unforgettable flavour, its pale golden colour is as compelling as its taste. We are thrilled to serve a rotating menu of dishes that highlight its unique qualities—bringing an entirely new sense of richness and marvel to the Louise dining room. On top of our curated truffle menu, should you wish to indulge in White Alba Truffles, you may order it to accompany a dish of your choosing.

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208 Duecento Otto

Introducing the White Alba Truffle menu for a limited time only at 208. We are fortunate to work with the infamous Italian producer of Barolo Wines. They also happen to be one of the smallest yet most renowned truffle hunters, foraged in the wild by specially trained truffle hunting dogs. Thanks to them, this season we have fresh White Alba Truffles being flown in weekly, straight from Italy.

Each dish includes 5 grams of premium White Alba Truffles.

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