Mother’s Day: Narisara & Chang’s Som Dtum Thai & Khao Pad


You may have seen our superpower duo who heads up the Chachawan kitchen, Narisara and Chang.  After 12 years of marriage bliss, two children and a big move to Hong Kong, their morales on parenthood, love and respect for each other speaks beyond volumes. Growing up in a small hometown, their mothers have played an integral role in their lives, which is something they instill in the delicious food that they create.  Introducing Narissa’s Som Dtum Thai (Papaya Salad) and Chang’s Khao Pad, Thai Fried Rice, just the way their moms make it.

Narisara’s Som Dtum Thai (Papaya Salad)

100g green papaya

2 cloves of garlic

3 pieces chilli

½ pound long bean / cut small

3 cherry tomatoes cut in half

7 pieces of dry shrimp

Roasted peanuts


½ teaspoon of plum  sugar

1 slice of lime

1 tablespoon fish sauce

1 tablespoon tamarind sauce



In a blender or mortar, blend or pound garlics, chilis, long bean, dry shrimp and peanuts. Peel or shred the papaya (like noodles), while removing the seeds. Add the shredded papaya and chopped cherry tomatoes

To make the papaya dressing, mix the plum sugar, fish sauce and tamarind sauce.

Mix all the ingredients together and squeeze a slice of lime on top.

Sprinkle with lightly toasted peanuts and serve.


Chang’s Khao Pad , Thai Fried Rice

Serve with chili fish sauce, cucumber and lime

1 cup of cooked Thai jasmine rice
2 eggs
100 grams of crab meat
1 tablespoon of vegetables oil
A pinch of sugar
A pinch of pepper powder
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
Spring onions
Deep fried Thai garlic

Cucumber, lime and fish sauce


Turn on your stove to high heat until wok is hot and add in vegetable oil. Crack in an egg and stir fry until  80% cookied.  Add in the Thai steam jasmine rice and  mix well together in wok. Add in a pinch of white sugar, a pinch of pepper powder and soya sauce and fry it together.

Add in the crab meat and fry until fragrant. Top it off with spring onions and serve with cucumber, lime and chili fish sauce.




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