Today our entire team is astonished with the announcement of three Michelin stars awarded across three of our restaurants. Having our talents recognised by such a prestigious accolade fills us with immense gratitude, especially after the preceding year’s difficulties.
After opening its doors on July 2020, Andō by Agustin Balbi has been awarded its first Michelin star after six months of opening. Augustin continues to expertly fuse his Spanish ancestral roots with Japanese training, defying labels and bending genres.
Under the guidance of Executive Chef Frankelie Laloum, Louise by Julien Royer debuted in 2019 and received its first Michelin star only six months after launching. This year again, it has the privilege of maintaining its Michelin Star for its forays into traditional French cuisine.
Last but certainly not least, a staple of Cantonese dining culture is Duddell’s. For eight years running, the team has preserved its Michelin star title, creating a venue that titillates with more than just culinary delights that are rooted in Hong Kong.
Each of these awards is a culmination of raw talent and the painstaking dedication to a chef’s craft. While this is a triumph as a team, this is also a personal dream realised —a lifetime achievement made possible by devoted individuals within the JIA family.
Put best by our founder, Yenn Wong – “After ten years in the business, having only started with one restaurant and building to the group we have now, this outstanding award is not lost on me. I continue to be in awe of our team. Working with such spirited and creative chefs brings me endless pride. This is truly their moment! While we pause momentarily to commemorate this occasion, going forward, we will continue to surprise, delight and deliver on our ethos of hospitality with style and plenty of substance.”


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