Led in the kitchen by power couple Chang and Narisara Somboon who have been with the restaurant since the opening day, Chachawan’s new menu is more exciting than ever – delivering a sweet-salty-sour-spicy smackdown of flavours as a bold rendition of regional Isaan cuisine. The previously ambient and retro interiors have transformed into something more modern, honest, impactful, and raw – reflecting Chachawan’s simplistic approach to food.

New Signature Isaan Dishes at CHACHAWAN

Focusing on grilled meats and salads, the predominant flavours are sour, hot, and salty whilst still maintaining a common balance. Simple and delicious small-plated dishes cooked “a la minute” are served here, either on the charcoal grill or in the kitchen. At the bar, a great selection of bottled beers and Thai cocktails pair perfectly with the intensity of the food.

New dishes by Head Chef Duo, Chang & Narisawa at Chachawan include popular appetizer Som Dtum Kao Pod (HK$108), a flavourful corn salad with salted egg, cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic, and sweet-and-sour tamarind dressing; Moo Manaw , spicy pork with lime salad, fresh chilli, kale, garlic, and mint; and Goong Fu crispy minced prawn served with zesty green mango salad.

A new seafood dish not to miss is Po Nim Pad Prik; deep-fried soft-shell crab in spicy chilli and garlic – an iconic taste of Thailand. From the Meat + Poultry section, tuck in to

Suea Rong Hai, grilled and sliced wagyu beef served with chilli dipping sauce, and Sam Chan Tort Glua, deep-fried crispy pork belly served with spicy tamarind sauce.

Featuring a famous Isaan delicacy of fermented sausage, Sai Krok Isan is created with grilled sausage, pork, and garlic, eaten with rice and slices of ginger. The crowd-favorite Phad Thai doesn’t stray far from tradition, made with stir-fried rice noodles, prawn, tofu, and sweet tamarind sauce. Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao is derived from the cuisine of Mae Hong Son Province in northern Thailand, and is commonly referred to as “northern noodles”. The comforting dish features rice noodles, spicy pork, tomato broth, and dried red cotton flowers.




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