Celebrate Father’s Day with JIA Group | 佳民集團呈獻一系列父親節慶典


Father’s Day is fast approaching, and JIA Group is serving up a bevvy of delicious offerings to spoil Dad on his special day. From rounds of complimentary beer and Negronis to meat feasts and sizzling Spanish BBQ Sets, we have you covered.

佳民集團為慶祝父親節,於當天準備了數之不盡的美饌來寵愛各位父親。從多間餐廳提供免費啤酒 Negroni外,更有肉食盛宴和炙手可熱的西班牙燒烤套餐,為各位饕客提最貼心的餐飲體驗。


A Michelin-starred Cantonese feast is an exemplary way to celebrate Father’s Day. Duddell’s specially crafted Father’s Day Menu (HK$998 plus 10% service charge) features an array of classic dishes in honour of Dad, from Steamed South African abalone with vermicelli and garlic to Crispy stuffed crab shell with fresh crab meat and Hokkaido milk and Fried rice with lobster and shrimp paste. The meal ends with the much-adored silky dessert of Sweetened walnut cream to put a smile on Dad’s face.

Date: Available 20 June


沒有一個好比用米芝蓮星級粵菜去歡度父親節的方法。都爹利會館特別為此而設的父親節獨家餐單(每位港幣998 元,另加10% 服務費),以一系列經典菜式歌頌父親,從蒜蓉粉絲蒸南非鮑魚、黃金炸釀3.6牛乳蟹蓋到蝦皇醬龍蝦炒絲苗。最後再以廣受歡迎的香磨合桃露甜美地劃上句號,絕對能讓父親露出滿足的笑容。




Tucking into Chachawan’s Meat Combo Platter (HK$298) is the ideal way for any carnivorous Dad to celebrate Father’s Day. This platter packs a serious flavourful punch, featuring Grilled Marinated Lamb SkewersGrilled Chicken SatayBeef Salad, and Northern Thai Spicy Pork Sausage with sides of sticky rice and fresh vegetables to round things off nicely.

Date: Available 19 June – 20 June



泰式肉食拼盤(港幣 298 元)是為最愛肉類的爸爸慶祝父親節不能錯失的美食。拼盤充滿了濃郁的泰國東北風味,當中包括香烤羊肉串、沙爹香烤雞肉、牛肉沙律及泰北香辣豬肉香腸,配上糯米及新鮮蔬菜,全面地照顧到每位爸爸的味蕾。



22 Ships

If Dad likes to spend weekends in the comfort of his own home, bring the Father’s Day celebration to him with 22 Ships’ Father’s Day Spanish BBQ Set (HK$1,998). Just right for Dad’s who love to man the grill, the set includes Sourdough Bread with tomato relish and Arbequina oilGreen asparagus with romescuBaby gem lettuce with pomegranate and sherry vinaigretteSpanish octopus with mojo Verde sauceXXL carabineros prawns and 90-day aged Rubia beef with piquillo pepper. For an additional HK$228, guests can add to the festivities with a pitcher of Sangria with all of the tasty trimmings.

Date: Available June 19 – June 20 (Only available for order via JIA Everywhere – same day delivery is available)


如果各位爸爸想在舒適的家中度過父親節週末,不妨考慮以 22 Ships為父親節特備而設的西班牙燒烤套餐(港幣 1,998 元)為他帶來最舒適的美食之旅。套餐包括酸種麵包配茄醬及Arbequina 香油、香甜蘆筍配羅曼斯可醬、小寶石生菜配石榴和雪利酒香醋、西班牙八爪魚配上香荽青醬、西班牙大虎蝦及 90日Rubia牛肉配墨西哥胡椒香料醬。而客人只需額外多加港幣228元,即可享用一壺招牌西班牙葡萄果酒,為慶祝活動錦上添花。

供應日期:6月19日及20日 (只限於JIA Everywhere 訂購,包括即日下單)



Bibi & Baba

Indulge in vibrant and bright Peranakan cuisine at Bibi & Baba this Father’s Day. Available all day on June 20, treat Dad to HK$50 Singha beers and Negronis to celebrate his special day, paired perfectly with punchy Penanakan dishes, from crispy Kueh Pie Tee (HK$78), fragrant Ngor Hiang (HK$78) and the moreish Nyonya Laksa Lemak (HK$102). Finish the meal on a sweet note to remember with Chendol (HK$58), a popular dessert of pandan and mung bean jelly, served on a ball of shaved ice, drizzled with coconut cream and palm sugar.

Date: Available June 20


今個父親節,在 Bibi & Baba 盡情享受充滿活力及色彩的地道娘惹美食。將於 6 月20 日全日供應,讓爸爸享用 港幣50元 的獅牌啤酒及 Negroni來慶祝,配上香脆的小金杯(港幣78元)或香濃椰漿飯(港幣102元)。用班蘭及綠豆啫喱炮製的甜品珍多亦是大眾的不二之選(港幣 58 元),刨冰淋上椰子忌廉及棕櫚糖,以香甜濃郁的味道結束一頓豐盛的晚飯,





For Dad’s who live for that flawless cup of coffee, swing by Between Tai Kwun or Wanchai for a Father’s Day treat. Brewed with a cheeky splash of whiskey, The Best Man (HK$88) is a coffee cocktail with a kick, available for a limited time only. Featuring a winning combination of black coffee, rye whiskey, Ancho Reyes Verde Chile Liqueur, cane sugar syrup and Laphroaig 10-Year-Old Scottish Whiskey, perfected with a pinch of salt and pepper, this tipple with a twist makes a lasting impression.

Date: Available June 11 to June 20

對於咖啡迷爸爸來說,於6月11日至20日期間親臨Between大館店或灣仔店即可享受為父親節而安排的咖啡享受。 「The Best Man」(港幣 88 元)是一款帶有濃烈威士忌的咖啡雞尾酒。以濃縮咖啡、黑麥威士忌、智利甜酒、蔗糖糖漿和蘇格蘭Laphroaig 10 年威士忌的組合為主題,再加上少許鹽及胡椒,此帶有相對效果的飲品定能給父親留下深刻印象。




For the dad who loves classic Thai fare and edgy, retro-inspired restaurants, MAKMAK’s curated Father’s Day feast for four is the perfect fit, with Dad’s dining in a group of four getting their meal on the house. All of the classics are up for grabs, from Som dtum Thai of punchy pounded green papaya salad to Muu tod of marinated crispy pork served with moreish nam jim jaew ($488, minimum four per person). Main courses include Gai phad med ma muang of wok-fried chicken and cashew nuts and Massaman lamb of slow-braised lamb shank with roasted baby potato. The meal ends with the show-stopping Khao neaw ma muang of mango sticky rice with coconut cream. 

Date: Available June 19 and 20 (one complimentary seat per table)

喜歡經典泰式美食的爸爸,今年可以到訪MAKMAK 享用餐廳精心策劃的四人父親節盛宴,更可獲得4人同行1人免費的禮遇。所有經典菜式任君選擇,從濃重的青木瓜沙律到醃製的脆皮豬腩肉 (每位港幣488元,限最少4位訂座)。主菜包括腰果香炒雞肉及慢煮馬莎文羊肉配烤薯仔。這頓豐富的一餐將以各位最愛的椰香芒果糯米飯作結。

供應日期:6月19日及20日 (每枱只限獲得優惠一次)



Potato Head Hong Kong

Trendy Dad’s can head down to Sai Ying Pun this Father’s Day for a round of beers on the house at Potato Head Hong Kong, up for grabs only on June 20. Delight Dad with traditional Indonesian fare on his special day, from Babi guling (HK$310) of roasted boneless quarter baby pig in Balinese-style spices to Batagor sambal kacang (HK$100) of fried prawn and mackerel dumplings, roasted cashew nut, coconut milk sauce and Mie gorging (HK$125) of stir-fried egg noodles, prawn, sweet soy sauce and seasonal vegetables.

Date: Available June 20

各位時麾的爸爸可以在今個父親節,前往位於西營盤的Potato Head Hong Kong享用頭一輪免費啤酒。更可以用傳統的印尼美食讓大家的父親大快朵頤,必選菜式有香烤乳豬Babi Guling (港幣310 元)以峇里島式香料香烤去骨乳豬。以炸蝦及鯖魚、烤腰果及椰奶醬而成的西爪哇炸餃子(港幣100 元)以及加入大蝦、甜豉油和新鮮蔬菜的傳統印尼拌麵(港幣125 元),讓爸爸飽盡口福。




208 Duecento Otto

Perfect for Dad’s with a healthy appetite, 208 Duecento Otto serves up all of the necessities for a celebration full of exceptional traditional Italian flavours, with Father’s being treated to a complimentary bottle Papà Negroni cocktail to sip in the restaurant or to be enjoyed at home. Your old man can feast upon the classic Margherita pizza (HK$178) to the show-stopping Carrozza (HK$198) of deep-fried mozzarella cheese with black truffle and anchovies and the Italian baby lamb leg confit (HK$558) served with seasonal salad, great for sharing. Dad’s will be treated to a bottle Papà Negroni cocktail to sip in the restaurant or to be enjoyed at home.

Date: Available June 20

非常適合食得健康的每一位爸爸,208 Duecento Otto就以傳統意大利風味慶祝今年的父親節。每位父親都可獲贈一瓶Papà Negroni 雞尾酒,可在餐廳享用又或是在家中慢慢品嚐。美饌方面,偉大的父親可以享用經典的瑪嘉烈特薄餅(港幣178 元),又或是驚為天人,配黑松露及鳳尾魚的香脆水牛芝士(港幣198 元),不得不提的還有意大利油封小羊腿(558 港元)配上時令沙律,非常適合一家人分享。






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